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After spending countless hours researching my way through numerous blog posts, and almost falling for several random spam-like offerings, I finally found the number one place (in my honest opinion) to teach English online: VIPKid.

If you haven’t heard about VIPKid yet, then you must be new to the online English teaching world. 

And that’s ok!

I’ve been with the company since mid-2018 and I seriously won’t teach English online anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of a few other companies that are proving themselves as a great employer (according to other teachers within the community).

However, for me personally, I work full-time with only VIPKid because I can literally work as much as 60+ hours a week, or as little as I want, and still have every slot booked.

This is a major factor for me because I feel much more financially secure since this is my full-time income source.

There are two major requirements that you must meet if you are looking to teach English online (and get paid very good money) with VIPKid…

  • you must have a Bachelor’s degree
  • you must be able to work within the United States.

Now let me go into those two requirements (there are a few others, but those are the absolute musts)

your Bachelor’s degree can be in any field and you can teach from anywhere in the world, but you must be able to “work” within the United States because of tax reasons.

(You may also like to read this detailed article: VIPKid Requirements – Updated )

I had left a $1,600 a month full-time teaching position within the public school system and now I am able to make AT LEAST $4,000 per month… usually more IF I decide I want to work more on some weeks.

And this is all from the comfort of my own home (or abroad). 

No, it’s not guaranteed that you will make that much money, but I can refer you to my blog post on how much VIPKid now pays their teachers.

You don’t have to teach full-time with VIPKid.

You can work a part-time schedule with them by working a few hours a week or just working as much as you can on the weekend.

This is up to you and there are technically no “hourly” requirements that you have to adhere to within a week.

By the way, each class is 25 minutes long and is one-on-one with your student (not a “classroom” sized audience).

It’s done within the VIPKid platform and is somewhat like a Skype setup (but not Skype LOL).

If you are looking for an online English teaching platform that is backed by thousands of teachers and filled with more than enough children to teach…

VIPKid is the first company that I recommend to anyone that meets the requirements.

If you’d like a personal invitation from me (and help getting hired) you can:


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