Perfecting Your Teacher Profile For VIPKid – Full Guide

Having an attractive VIPKid teacher profile will help get you more bookings, especially when you’re new to the platform.

When you’re new to teaching for VIPKid, this is pretty much the only way for parents to determine if they would like you to teach their children.

It takes some time and a fair amount of parent feedback/reviews before those play a factor in parents booking you.

To get those reviews, you need classes to get booked so it is important that you perfect your VIPKid teacher profile from the get-go.

Even if you’re not new, however, your teacher profile should always be a priority.

Consider it as if it were a sales page, because it is exactly that.

You’re trying to sale yourself as a suitable teacher for a parent’s child.

By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to set up a teacher profile that will help you to stand out apart from the others.

5 Tips for a Perfect Online Teacher Profile Picture

Your profile picture is extremely important.

Let’s be honest, it’s the first thing that a potential new student (well, their parent) will see.

There are countless teacher profile pics that you can barely see the person because they’re standing too far from the camera, the picture is fuzzy, they are in a group photo or they simply don’t look “professional” in their picture.

Don’t let your teacher profile picture be anything like that.

1 – Take a CLEAR picture.

With today’s cell phone tech, most smart phones have great cameras.

If your phone is older or the camera is crappy, don’t use it… use someone else’s.

There’s no need for an expensive camera, but if you have one then by all means go ahead and get to snapping.

If you have someone that you can get to take the picture of you so that all you have to do is get in position, awesome!

If not, no worries!

Just don’t use the selfie side of your smartphone because it doesn’t utilize as many megapixels as the front-facing lenses.

Most smartphones/cameras have a 3-10 second timer that you can use so that you can set it up and then get yourself in position.

2 – Good lighting and the right background!

No, you don’t need a professional photography home studio, but good lighting and a good background go hand-in-hand.

You could take a photo of yourself in front of your classroom setup, inside against a wall, or even outside with a pretty (but non-distracting) background.

No matter where you chose, you need good lighting!

If you plan on taking an indoor photo and you have access to natural lighting from a window… take your picture during the brightest time of day.

You don’t want the yellow hue that most lamps and overhead lights leave on faces/backgrounds.

If you don’t have access to natural lighting indoors and have only yellow-hued light bulbs, you could go get a couple of bright white bulbs for a few dollars each at Walmart (they’ll come in handy down the road when you’re teaching class anyways).

Put them into a couple of lamps, without the lampshades, and pull them close to you so that they illuminate you with a white, crisp hue.

If you want to take your picture outside, just make sure that it’s a sunny day and that your background is not too distracting.

Keep it professional and simple by keeping yourself as the center piece of the photo!

3 – Show your personality!


Don’t look miserable, or constipated.

You don’t have to be super bubbly and upbeat, but you do want to look like someone that is excited to be there!

Here is an example that Teacher Chelsey has used for her VIPKid profile picture.

It clearly shows her happy personality off, while still looking professional at the same time.

VIPKid profile picture example

And here is an example of her bubbly personality showing through in her lifestyle picture!

VIPKid teacher profile lifestyle example

4 – Don’t zoom out!

No matter where you take your photo, make sure that you have a clear shot of your face and that it is centered somewhere near the middle of the picture.

Just like on Instagram, your profile picture shows up as a smaller circle and it
“focuses” on the middle of the photo that you uploaded… VIPKid profile pictures seem to do the same.

Here’s an example of another profile picture that Teacher Chelsey has used.

VIPKid teacher profile picture

If you’re sitting/standing too far away or too far to the right of left… the centering of the profile picture might only show half of you once it’s uploaded!

5 – Look like you actually do!

Your profile picture can always be changed and/or updated.

If you have blonde hair when getting hired and that is what you look like in your profile picture, awesome!

However, if you decided to dye your hair blue a few months later… take a new profile picture that can show your new hairdo off.

Okay, it’s not to show off your new hairdo, but instead to not have your students/parents be shocked when they see you differently than they thought you were in your profile picture.

Some parents may love that and think it’s awesome, but other parents may be more conservative and feel like they were mislead when choosing you (which could lead them to leave you a bad review, no matter how great you were as a teacher within the class).

It’s probably not necessary to change your profile video (more on that below) every time you change your hair color or style, but updating your picture should be good enough.

Sell Yourself With An Awesome “About Me”

Here’s where you will start to connect with parents.

An awesome VIPKid About Me section doesn’t have to be long-winded or complicated.

Let’s break it down into five easy steps.

1 – Education

Since VIPKid requires their teachers to have a bachelor’s degree, start off with saying where you graduated from.

Some people receive their degrees early on in life, others may not of until well into adulthood.

Don’t be afraid to mention that in your About Me.

For instance, if you worked a full-time job while earning your degree at 35 years old; briefly mention that.

It can show that you were dedicated to earning that degree.

If you have more than one degree, make sure you mention it.

Have extra certifications that are related to child education/English as a second language?

Here’s where you want to talk about that as well.

2 – Experience

Have you taught in the public/private school systems?

Have you been a camp leader before?

Do you have children?

If yes to any of those (or similar things involving children), then you have the ability to shed light on your experience.

If you don’t have experience at all with children, then be honest about that and say that you haven’t been lucky enough to work with children yet, but that you are looking forward to experiencing that joy with your future students.

3 – Don’t be afraid to talk about how your teaching style.

This may come as a shocker, but everyone has a different personality.

Some teachers may be more upbeat and energetic, others may be more direct and slightly less chipper.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your personality traits and the type of teaching environment that you would like to provide their child.

These parents have their own traits as well and they may relate more with someone similar to them.

4 – Lead them to your profile video!

Again, your About Me is like a sales letter.

Now, you want them to learn more about you, or at least get a sense of “knowing” you a little better.

You can do that by inviting them to watch your teacher introduction video!

It’s simple, but most people just don’t think about it.

They just assume the parent will watch.

Why not invite them?

5 – Copy your About Me content into Google Translate for the Chinese readout, then copy that and paste it back into Google Translate for the English readout.

Doing this will help you see if your content still makes sense, once it has been converted to Chinese for the parents to read.

If it is somewhat off or a few sentences read weird, try to make adjustments to phrasing to make it sound better.

(this sounds odd, but no two languages convert back and forth perfectly. this will just help you be one step ahead and, hopefully, help the parents decipher your About Me as correctly as possible)

A Converting Teacher Profile Video

Now, you want to finish selling yourself to the parents by converting them with a killer video.

1 – Greeting

Obviously, state your name.

I’ve seen a few videos where the teacher completely forgets to do this.

After you introduce yourself, maybe toss in a simple pleasantry or something similar.

“Hi! My name is Teacher Chelsey! It’s nice to virtually meet you!”

2 – Show your personality.

No matter what your personality is, your VIPKid teacher profile needs to show it.

If you’re upbeat and bubbly, show it.

If you are more reserved and less chipper, show it.

Don’t fake it.

Just be yourself as best as you can.

Not all parents want a happy-go-lucky teacher.

Some parents may want a more reserved and relaxed individual.

Just because you may not be as upbeat and active seeming as teachers you’ve seen on YouTube, doesn’t mean that you can’t find students/parents who won’t connect with you.

However, that doen’t mean to act like you don’t want to be there.

You should still smile and be inviting.

3 -Keep it between 30 seconds to 1 minute max.

This is still plenty of time to state your name, mention the type of classroom environment you would try to provide, show your personality, and to then invite them to join you in class so that you can help their child succeed on the platform.

4 – Speak clearly and concise

Some parent’s may speak English, some may speak a little English, some may not at all.

Either way, you’re speaking directly to the parent/student here and you want to do so in a clear and concise manner.

Intro Video Example

Here is Teacher Chelsey’s intro video that she’s had since she first created her VIPKid teacher profile.

As you can see, Teacher Chelsey edited her video to add in music and to shorten certain clips.

Her video shows her personality, her love for her fur child, and her enthusiasm to teach her future students.

You can still do that without having to edit.

It just might take you a few takes of a single-run attempt, but that’s OK!

Don’t Over Complicate Your VIPKid Teacher Profile

To be honest, creating a successful online ESL teacher profile seems more complicated and more overwhelming than it actually is… or at least should be!

Follow this guide, make the above examples unique to you, and don’t over complicate it!

You got this!

Teacher Chelsey

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