How Much Does VIPKid Pay? Every Question Answered. (2022)

Hi there, I’m Teacher Chelsey!

I’ve taught over 10,000 classes with VIPKid.

This blog post will teach you the following VIPKid pay-related questions:

  • average hourly pay
  • base pay and what base pay is
  • what incentives and bonuses VIPKid offers
  • how the overall pay structure actually works (in detail, because it’s kind of confusing on quick glance)
  • how much I have made at my highest earning month and how much I currently make
  • and answers to several frequently asked questions regarding VIPKid pay

*** Please note that, as of late 2021, there have been major changes within the online ESL teaching industry. China, which made up the biggest bulk of students for every online ESL company, no longer allows foreign companies to offer any form of tutoring to their children. This has dramatically impacted the industry and shut down several of the more popular online teaching platforms. VIPKid remains operational and has now taken its business into the global market.

However, this transition is taking time to build up enough students to compare to what was once a high-in-demand need for teachers. That being said, they are still hiring (just at a slower and more selective pace) in expectation of increasing their student base once again.

The following information regarding pay is technically still relevant but could change very soon. If/when it does, this blog post will be updated accordingly. ***

How Much Does VIPKid Pay?

VIPKid teachers earn $14-18/hour, plus incentives. A teacher’s base pay averages $7-9 per 25-minute class. With incentives, teachers can earn an additional $0.80-3.20 per class. VIPKid also offers additional bonuses that can increase a teacher’s monthly income.

VIPKID BASE PAY$7-9 per class
POTENTIAL PAY PER 25-MIN CLASS$7.80-12.20 per class
POTENTIAL PAY PER HOUR$15.60-24.40 per hour
Please note the higher finished class incentive pay is based on a certain amount of classes completed.

Now, I teach English so my math isn’t my strong point, but this math added up is easy! 

So that pay per hour difference can make, well, a big difference in a teacher’s income.

Let’s now find out what will determine what YOUR VIPKid base pay could be…

What Determines the VIPKid Base Pay?

Your VIPKid interview and the demo that you do will determine your base pay.

This pay is comprised of two factors: your prior experience and how well you do in your demo lesson during the actual interview process.

I’ve recently gone over the updated VIPKid hiring requirements, but prior experience is anything that relates to working with children.

This not only includes the obvious (teaching) but it could just be time spent as a tutor, coach, nanny, babysitting, youth leader, mentoring or even just being parent.

That doesn’t mean that you have to have all of those experiences, but at least two years of experience as one of them.

I decided to do the live interview (I’m currently working on a detailed hiring process post that’ll explain what that is) because you might be able to know your base pay at the end of it.

I chose it because I went in with the intent to try and negotiate my base pay.

Now I can’t promise this for you, but I was able to ask (and receive) more per class than what they originally offered me. 

** Due to COVID-19, VIPKid isn’t offering live interviews nearly as often. Please note that you may only be offered the option to do the recorded demo interview process.

Realistic VIPKid Base Pay Expectations

As addressed in my requirements post, you must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university to work for VIPKid.

However, if your degree is in something that relates slightly more towards “learning/teaching” then you may be able to get a higher base pay from that alone. 

For instance, if you have a teaching degree then you could get a higher base pay even if you don’t necessarily ace the demo class. 

If you have a marketing degree, but ace the demo class, then that could balance out to the same base pay as someone with a teaching degree. 

I personally have a psychology degree and only one year of teacher’s aid experience.

I was nervous at my interview, but I practiced enough beforehand so I consider my demo a pretty darn good one.

This, plus my negotiations, got me to the upper side of the base pay.

How Can I Get a Higher VIPKid Base Pay?

Aside from your degree concentration and your experience (or lack thereof), the demo lesson can really make the biggest difference to your personal VIPKid base pay.

I’m currently working on a blog post that will focus on acing the VIPKid Hiring Process so that applicants have a better chance at passing the hiring process.

VIPKID Finished Class Incentives UPDATED For 2021

# of finished classesTier #1-20 classes21-4041-6061-9091-130131-180181+
VIPKid tier-based pay structure table for 2021

The newer VIPKid pay structure is tier-based according to the TOTAL number of classes that a teacher has taught since they were hired.

However, the “incentive” number of classes that you teach within a month… will reset back to zero on the 1st of the next month.

Confused yet?

I’ll try to explain in a little bit of detail without over-complicating it.

VIPKid Tier-Based Pay and Incentive Structure Explained

Let’s say that you’re a newly-hired teacher.

That means that you are considered a Tier 1 teacher until you complete your 79th class.

Now, let’s assume that you end up teaching 50 classes within your first month.

You’re still in the Tier 1 bracket for this particular month, but you will receive an incentive of:

  • $0.80 per class for classes 1-20 = $16 worth of incentives
  • $1.20 per class for classes 21-40 = $24 worth of incentives
  • $1.60 per class for class 41-50 = $16 worth of incentives
  • $56 worth of total incentives on top of your base pay total

Ok, now onto the next month.

Your monthly class count starts back at 0, but you’ve a TOTAL of 50 classes taught since you were hired.

If you teach another 50 classes in this new month, you will again receive $56 worth of incentives.

However, as the month ends and the new one begins, you will now be considered Tier 2 because you will have officially taught 100 TOTAL classes.

This process will repeat itself and your Tier rank will cycle upwards as you accumulate more completed classes.

It seems more complicated than it actually is, but hopefully that is enough of an explanation to get the gist of it.

If you are still confused, you will see my contact info at the bottom of this page where you can DM me and I will try to help elaborate a bit more if need be!

VIPKid Trial Class Bonus

You do not get paid any extra for teaching VIPKid trial classes, however, you do get paid half IF they do not show up for the class.

You will also get paid a $5 bonus per trial student that signs up after your class. 

Some teachers do not like trial classes, but I personally do for that $5 bonus potential!

If you are a great teacher, which I know you can be, why wouldn’t they want to sign up after their experience with you!?!

VIPKid Short Notice Booking Bonus

VIPKid offers its teachers a 24-hour short notice booking option that you can turn on. This just means that you are allowing a slot to be booked within 1-24 hours for a particular time. 

I offer short notice booking availability regularly because you get paid a $2 bonus for that class EVEN if they don’t show up (on top of the regular pay for the class). 

Does VIPKid Offer Raises?

VIPKid teachers do not get a base-pay raise.

However, this is made up for thanks to the tier-based pay structure.

It allows the teacher to be paid more as the number of classes that they’ve taught increases.

As you move up in the tier structure, your incentive bonus will rise.

How Many Hours Can You Teach With VIPKid?

There is not a minimum amount of classes that you have to teach per month.

Teachers can work as many hours as they can or as little as they want.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes as a VIPKid Teacher?

As with any income you make, you will have to pay taxes on your teaching income. 

You are considered an independent contractor when you are employed with VIPKid. You will be responsible for setting aside money for your taxes at the end of each year (or quarterly), but there are ways you can write off work-related items/expenses as an independent contractor!

Does VIPKid Have a Referral Program?

VIPKid also offers a chance for its teachers to be rewarded when someone they refer is hired as a teacher! 

Each successful referral is $100 in your pocket!

A “successful” referral means that the referral is not only hired, but that they also taught their first class.

All VIPKid teachers are given a referral link/code that they can use to promote to qualified people who you know personally.

However, if you were to create a blog, YouTube, or other social media presence that you were to use to help others to become VIPKid teachers, you can apply for an affiliate link that can be used for such purposes.

This is a great way to add extra income.

It’s also a great way to “incentivize” you to spread the word to people you know who may seriously be interested in working from home as an online English teacher for VIPKid.

How Much Money Can You Make a Month With VIPKid?

Teachers who are able to be booked full-time each week could earn between $2,240 up to $3,520 depending on their base pay rate.

Monthly income can be drastically different depending on how much time/effort you put into VIPKid, but I am going to be completely open and honest with how much money I make as a VIPKid teacher! 

Below is a screenshot of one of my month’s payment details (this was from my FOURTH month as a VIPKid teacher):

shows a VIPKid pay stub of $4,942

I must also state that during this time period, I had opened up almost every slot that I could.

As of 2021, I generally aim to only teach about 30-40 hours per week. With my base pay and incentives, I typically make around $2,500-3,000 per month.

How Often Do VIPKid Teachers Get Paid?

Teachers are paid once per month via direct deposit between the 7th-10th. Teachers can also choose to be paid either weekly or bi-weekly.

If You’re Going to Apply to VIPKid…

I wholeheartedly believe that having some personal guidance can help you get through it with a better chance of success than if you decide to go through it on your own! 

IF you use my referral link, you will be able to use me as a personal mentor throughout the hiring process.

NOT an automated email sequence… ME!


Once you have started the VIPKid application process with me as your referral, all you have to do is DM me at @teacherchelsey on Instagram and I will be more than happy to help guide you as best as I can.

Again, here’s the link to use if you’d like apply for VIPKid with me as your guide APPLY FOR VIPKID HERE

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