Understanding VIPKid Contracts in 2022

Four years later, I’ve signed a total of eight contracts with VIPKid (the ninth one is coming soon).

Although I’m not a lawyer and must disclose to you that any legal jargon is beyond me, this post will help you understand the basics of VIPKid contracts and their renewals.

What is a VIPKid Contract?

A VIPKid contract is a binding, legal document that you will sign once you are hired as a teacher. You must sign this contract (or a renewal contract if you’re already a VIPKid), or else you will be ineligible to teach for VIPKid.

How Long Are VIPKid Contracts?

All VIPKid contracts are six-months in length. Teachers have the liberty to virtually work as little, or as much, as they like. However, please note that signing a contract with VIPKid doesn’t guarantee you a fully-booked class schedule. There are several things that come into play when it comes to getting bookings.

What Does a VIPKid Contract Look Like?

Your VIPKid contract will be several pages long and it’ll be filled with a lot of legal verbiages that goes into exact detail:

  • what you will be responsible for as a teacher
  • how you are categorized as an independent contractor and must withhold taxes on your own accord
  • fees you will acquire if you cancel classes within a certain time-frame or don’t show up to class at all
  • agreements to treat the VIPKid platform respectfully
  • that you’ll put your best foot forward when teaching each student
  • that you are in understanding that VIPKid does not provide insurance of any kind to their teachers
  • various disclaimers
  • confidentiality agreements that protect the children you are teaching and yourself
  • VIPKid intellectual property retainment (such as their fully-planned curriculums)
  • teacher service failures and what that includes
  • arbitration provisions
  • certain waivers
  • and like any lengthy contract… more confusing things

All contracts will likely look the same for each teacher, except for the difference in offered pay. In the VIPKid contract, in the section titled Course “A” Addendum – Section 2, you’ll find your offered/agreed-upon base pay. This will likely vary somewhat from teacher to teacher based on experience, contract count, etc…

How Do I Renew My VIPKid Contract?

If you’re in good standing (not over your cancellations limit, don’t have any really bad parent complaints, limited teacher tech issues, etc…) then you should receive an email with your new contract about a month before your contract is set to expire.

Will VIPKid Renew My VIPKid Contract?

Yes, VIPKid should renew your contract if you are in good standing. If your account is not in good standing, your contract will likely be placed under review.

My VIPKid Contract Says It’s Under Review, What Does That Mean?

If your contract is under review, this would mean that your account is not in good standing. They typically do this if you are over your allotted teacher cancellations, had a few too many low-apple reviews, and/or for various other issues that violate your contract terms. However, it may be cause VIPKid doesn’t hire teachers in certain states anymore (Washington State, New York State, and California).

How Long Does A VIPKid Contract Review Take?

VIPKid may take as little as a business day to review contracts, but some teachers in various Facebook groups have had their contracts under review for as long as two weeks. Certain months out of the year may affect how timely certain things are done though, such as Chinese New Year.

Why Was My VIPKid Contract Not Renewed?

If your contract was not renewed, it is likely due to VIPKid deeming your teaching history as inadequate when held up against the contract that you signed six-months earlier. However, you can reach out to support and press for another review if you feel that you were in fact within good-standing and that your account was misjudged.

Why Can’t I Sign My VIPKid Contract?

If you are a new hire, you won’t be able to e-sign your VIPKid contract until all pre-hire checkpoints have been cleared. If you are a current teacher that can’t sign your contract, then your account may be under review.

If your account is in good standing, it may be a browser issue. Try switching browsers. If that doesn’t work, reach out to VIPKid support ASAP.

Can I Take a Break From VIPKid Even Though I’m Under Contract to Teach?

Yes, you can take an extended break from teaching for VIPKid. However, per your contract, you are required to give a two-week heads up if you plan to do so.

How Do I Cancel My VIPKid Contract?

If you want to cancel your current VIPKid contract, there is a place in the dashboard where you can do so. However, some teachers choose to let their contracts run out without actually canceling them.

Can I Let My VIPKid Contract Expire?

Yes, there are no legal ramifications for you if you choose to let your contract expire, even if you don’t teach a single class during the contracted time.

I Let My VIPKid Contract Expire, Can I Get Rehired?

As long as your account was in good standing with VIPKid, you can likely get rehired. However, you’ll have to go through entire hiring process again. Also, please note that you must let them know that you were once a teacher for them.

How Many VIPKid Contracts Does It Take to Receive My Hoodie?

6-contracts, three years in total!

Do You Have to Pay For Your Six-Contract VIPKid Hoodie?

Unfortunately, yes. However, if you’ve worked three years for VIPKid… you deserve the hoodie just for your own self-recognition, even if you have to pay for it!

How Do I Apply For VIPKid With You As My Mentor?

If you’re already at contract point, then you don’t need me as your mentor because you’ve obviously already applied and been accepted LOL, but if you were just researching and stumbled upon this post… you can apply to VIPKid with me as your mentor (if you meet the VIPKid qualifications).

If you sign up via the link below, I will personally do my best to help you navigate the hiring process.


I wholeheartedly believe that having some personal guidance can help you get through it with a better chance of success than if you decide to go through it on your own! 

Once you have started the VIPKid application process with me as your referral, please DM me on Instagram @teacherchelsey and I will verify that you have successfully applied with my referral link/code and I will get back to you as quickly as possible to help guide you through the process as best as I can.

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