Is VIPKid Still In Business? What’s Going On With VIPKid (2022)

After the Chinese government banned private tutoring with foreign educators/companies, several of the well-known online ESL platforms were forced to shut down.

Thankfully, VIPKid is still operating. However, they are operating at a different level and at a slower hiring pace than before.

Many teachers have left the platform due to having zero bookings.

Others have stayed on, but with a major reduction in bookings.

VIPKid is transitioning to new markets outside of China so it makes sense that it will take some time to replenish the loss of students (through no direct fault of their own).

I am currently still in a contract with VIPKid and I do still teach a few hours a week because of a few regulars that were able to stay on and request me.

I do not open even a fraction of the number of slots as I used to when VIPKid was full throttle, but that is because my other work is taking precedence since it is guaranteed income.

Should You Still Apply To VIPKid In Late 2022?

Totally, there’s no reason not to IF you have realistic expectations and you meet their current hiring requirements.

Would I make a career move and put ALL of my eggs into the VIPKid basket again?

No, definitely not at this exact moment in time.

That being said… it is totally possible to still earn a part-time income and it may come again that a full-time income could be earned once VIPKid gets its global marketing strategies fully dialed in.

Are People Still Teaching For VIPKid?

Yes, plenty of teachers are still teaching for VIPKid, as of late 2022.

Most teachers are only getting enough bookings to teach at a part-time level. Myself included.

However, there are still a few teachers that are able to work enough to earn full-time income.

Is VIPKid Gone?

No, VIPKid is not gone. It is still in operation (just on a smaller scale). After losing its foothold in China (through no direct fault of its own), they have revamped its marketing strategies and taken on new students elsewhere.

Is VIPKid Going Global?

Yes, VIPKid is going global. They were technically already global, but once they were unable to focus most of their marketing returns from China they were forced to transition to new markets all across the globe.

What Is Going To Happen With VIPKid?

There is no guarantee that VIPKid will remain in business forever. Just as it was unforeseen that China would change its foreign tutoring laws, the future of the business is of course not certain.

However, they have seemingly done their best to keep the “doors open” for as many teachers and employees as possible.

If any online ESL company can survive the forced transition to new markets… it is definitely VIPKid.

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