Is VIPKid Hiring in Washington State?

VIPKid no longer hires new teachers from the state of Washington.

Teachers that were hired on or before October the 31st, 2020 were grandfathered in.

However, it is unclear if these particular WA teachers will be able to renew their contracts once their current contract is over.

Why is VIPKid Not Hiring New Teachers in Washington State?

WA is reclassifying most “gig” workers as employees, rather than independent contractors.

Due to this, VIPKid is unable to hire new teachers because all teachers are taxed and viewed as independent contractors for their business model to work.

This change in WA state wasn’t initially aimed at VIPKid, but more so towards companies like Uber and LYFT.

Those types of companies utilize a lot of state resources, but (according to state legislators) don’t pay their fair share in taxes to use such resources.

VIPKid just happened to be caught up in the bureaucratic web due to their non-employee structure as well.

VIPKid made the same decision for both California and New York residents due to a similar change in state legislation there.

Can I Register My VIPKid Teaching Business in Another State?

Possibly. You’d have to work closely with a tax expert.

There are some Redditors that say they have registered their teaching as a business in another state, but doing business in the state that they are living in.

As a result, they pay both state taxes.

Is this the way to go?

Not sure, that’s a decision you’d have to weigh out heavily and it may not be a VIPKid approved method.

However, it seems to be working for a few others online.

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