How To Teach Kids To Type

We are used to typing notes, emails, and messages using a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet.

So much so, that our children are more likely to start their “typing” communications on mobile devices first.

However, kids do need to know the basics of typing on a computer in order to type book reports, essays, and general homework for school.

You can refer to this article to teach your children the proper techniques for typing on the keyboard of a desktop or laptop computer.

How To Teach Kids Typing – Quick Overview

  • Location of the computer/laptop matters (not on the couch)
  • Implement proper typing posture
  • Have them understand the importance of neck/head alignment
  • Teach them the correct finger placement on the keyboard
  • Show them which fingers are used for each button on the keyboard
  • Perfect practice makes perfect
  • Patience is key for both you and them

Proper Typing Posture For Children

Teaching your kids proper posture when typing on the computer or laptop is important.

The earlier the better, before they start developing bad sitting practices.


It is best to use a table or desk with a chair that can be adjusted to your child’s size.

You want the computer screen to be directly in front of them, not at an awkward angle that either causes them to have to look up or down.

You want to teach your children early that the couch is not a suitable place for laptop typing. Nor is a lounge chair or even the floor.

Body Alignment

Your kid’s knees, hips, and elbows should be at a 90-degree angle.

Properly doing so will keep their weight off of their wrists when typing.

Have them roll their shoulders back, with their chin lifted forward.

If their feet do not reach the floor, place an appropriately sized pillow or box on the ground in front of the chair so that their feet can rest comfortably on it.

Learn The Proper Resting Finger Placement On The Keyboard

Left Hand

  • A (pinky)
  • S (ring finger)
  • D (middle finger)
  • F (index/pointer finger)
  • Space Bar (thumb)

Right Hand

  • Space Bar (thumb)
  • J (index/pointer finger)
  • K (middle finger)
  • L (ring finger)
  • ; : button (pinky)

Learn Which Fingers Are Meant To Type What Letters and Buttons

Left Hand

  • Pinky
    • Q
    • A
    • Z
    • SHIFT button
    • TAB button
  • Ring Finger
    • W
    • S
    • X
  • Middle Finger
    • E
    • D
    • C
  • Index/Pointer Finger
    • R
    • F
    • V
    • T
    • G
    • B

Right Hand

  • Index/Pointer Finger
    • Y
    • H
    • N
    • U
    • J
    • M
  • Middle Finger
    • I
    • K
    • , < button
  • Ring Finger
    • O
    • L
    • . > button
  • Pinky
    • P
    • ; : button
    • / ? button
    • [ { button
    • ‘ ” button
    • ] } button
    • \ | button
    • ENTER button
    • SHIFT button

How Should Children Practice Their Typing Skills?

Do your best to help your child avoid looking at the keyboard while typing.

This will help them establish a mind-to-muscle connection where the brain can implement muscle memory into their typing ability.

Have the child look the keyboard over, both with their fingers on and off of the keyboard.

Give them the time to familiarize themselves with the keys and where their fingers are properly resting.

Establishing Mind-To-Finger Muscle Memory

Using a piece of paper, cover your child’s hands.

Have the kid type out letters that you verbally give at random.

Once your child becomes acquainted with letter placement, have them type out simple words such as “mom, dad, car, cat, dog” etc…

With practice, they will be able to progress into short sentences. Eventually, into longer ones as well as paragraphs.

Spelling Practice (While You’re At It)

As kids learn to type, help them learn to spell correctly as well, instead of relying on autocorrect and spell checker.

Kids are now growing up in a fast-paced world where their phones and typing software on computers will automatically fix spelling errors.

Practicing slow and steady with proper spelling will only aid in their ability to type throughout their entire future.

Proper Typing Requires Patience

It is important for you both to also practice patience when learning to type.

Proper typing technique and speed/efficiency will not be accomplished overnight.

It will take many non-consecutive hours of practice.

This will require patience from both of you.

Typing Is Accuracy Is More Important Than Speed

Urge the kid to understand that speed is not important when learning how to type.

Accuracy is, however.

Speed will come with practice, but the practice is only as good as the accuracy that they develop.

Encourage Them With Praise and/or Rewards

Encouragement will help your child overcome the frustrations of learning how to properly type.

It is not easy to stay positive all the time when learning a new skill, but your words of assurance can go a long way for your child’s positivity.

Some parents/teachers may find setting up a rewards system for achieving certain typing tasks to be extremely beneficial.

After all, who wouldn’t like to have something special awarded to them for a job well done?

Are There Typing Courses/Games Specifically For Kids?


Implementing such a course or game framework into a kid’s typing practice can help them stay more focused and increase the overall enjoyment of a rather boring learning process!

What Age Should Kids Start Typing?

Children ages 7-9 can learn how to properly type because their hands have likely developed enough, size-wise, to properly span the majority of most keyboards.

They should also be able (or are in the midst of learning how) to read, write, and speak their language.

Which goes hand-in-hand with typing.

Why Is Typing Important For Kids?

Learning typing early can help kids with spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and overall writing skills in general. Research suggests that typing can help students who struggle with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia.

What Grade Do Kids Take Typing In School?

In the United States, school systems vary from state to state, city to city, and county to county. However, most school districts do not have a specific grade that they teach typing in school.

Do Kids Learn Typing In School?

Unfortunately, most school districts within the United States do not teach typing in school.

How Can I Teach My Child To Type For Free?

After you have implemented the typing strategies mentioned in this article, you can find fun and free online typing games.

How Can Kids Type Faster?

Kids can learn to type faster by improving their finger striking accuracy, better familiarizing themselves with the keyboard, correcting their finger placement, limiting their spelling mistakes, and practicing in general.

There are plenty of courses out there (such as this TypingMaster course that will help your child type twice as fast).

And let’s be honest… it makes practicing a lot less boring.

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