GoGoKid Guide | Teacher Pay, Education and Tech Requirements, & FAQs – Updated 2021

*** Unfortunately, due to drastic changes made in China regarding foreign tutoring, GoGoKid has shut down operations and is no longer in business. (as of late 2021) ***

You’re here to learn more about GoGoKid.

In this article, you’ll learn what requirements you need to meet, what the application process is, how much you will get paid, pros/cons, and some frequently asked questions that you may or may not have thought of.

This post is written with as little-to-no filler/fluff content as possible.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What is GoGoKid?

GoGoKid is an online English teaching platform that connects Chinese children to native English-speaking teachers for a 25-minute, one-on-one, full English immersion class.

This type of highly effective ESL teaching methodology, allows GoGoKid to hire qualified teachers that don’t know the Chinese language.

GoGoKid Teacher Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in any field from an accredited university
  2. Legally capable of working in, or legally reside in, the United States or Canada (excluding California, New York, & Washington State)**
  3. Have teaching experience in any setting (can include tutoring, coaching, parenting… even babysitting)
  4. Online ESL certification from an accredited organization is preferred, but it is not currently required
  5. Fluent in English
  6. Pass a background check

** Unfortunately, due to state legislation changes, GoGoKid is currently unable to hire new teachers from the states of California, New York, and Washington.

GoGoKid Tech Requirements

  1. Fast and reliable internet
  2. Computer or laptop (Mac OS 10.10x or higher or PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher)
  3. HD external camera or HD integrated laptop/computer camera
  4. Headset with microphone
  5. Google Chrome as the login browser

GoGoKid Application Process

  1. Sign up and enter your basic information for applicant screening
  2. Record a demo class with a foundation level student through the GoGoKid online classroom (curriculum is provided)
  3. Online orientation (explains the platform, expected teacher standards, curriculum overview, and then take a short quiz)
  4. Upload the required documents
  5. Create a teacher profile that will allow the students and their parents the first chance of getting to know and book you
  6. Sign your contract and become an official GoGoKid teacher
  7. Open your schedule for students to hopefully book you

An applicant will be approved (or denied) as each step is completed, based on the responses/performance.

Here’s a helpful download to prepare applicants for the demo class/interview process (link opens up in new tab).

How Long is the GoGoKid Teacher Contract?

The GoGoKid teacher contract will be for a term of 6-months.

Pending any negative marks, you’ll be able to renew your contract about a month before your current contract expires.

GoGoKid Employment Status

GoGoKid will not hire you as an employee, but instead as an independent contractor.

Teachers will be required to set aside their own taxes throughout the year.

How Much Does GoGoKid Pay?

GoGoKid pays their teachers a base pay of $7-10 per 25-minute class.

The base pay rate is offered before the teacher signs their contract.

The classroom pay amount is determined by the teacher’s experience and/or performance during the interview process.

However, GoGoKid also offers incentives that will increase the amount of money that a teach can make.

The incentive pay + base pay is explained below.

GoGoKid Pay Structure

Base Pay at Level 1 (based on credentials and interview performance)$7-10 per class
Base Pay at Level 2 (based on credentials and interview performance)$7-10 per class
Level 3 (based on GoGoKid Credit Scoring* & classes completed)Base Pay + ($1.50-2.00) x 100%
Level 4 (based on GoGoKid Credit Scoring & classes completed)Base Pay + ($1.50-2.00) x 110%
Level 5 (based on GoGoKid Credit Scoring & classes completed)Base Pay + ($1.50-2.00) x 125%
Total Per One Class$14-25
GoGoKid Pay Scale Table

Understanding the Pay Structure

GoGoKid has a tier-based payment system that complements the base pay rate.

Your base pay is determined before you sign your contract and is based upon your credentials and your performance in the interview.

Your base pay can increase considerably thanks to the credit scoring system that they implement.

What Is The GoGoKid Credit Score System?

The GoGoKid credit score system is determined by the following:

  1. Classes taught
  2. Positive (or negative) parent feedback/reviews
  3. Technical issues
  4. Classroom punctuality (or lack thereof)
  5. Teacher no-shows (not showing up to a scheduled class)

GoGoKid credit scoring is a point-based system that starts at 100.

Every 3 completed classes increase your point score by 1.

You’ll get an additional 1 point for every good review that you receive.

When you hit 110 points, you will get 110% x your base rate.

When you reach 120 points, you will 125% x your base rate.

Your points will reset on the first of every month.

How Often Does GoGoKid Pay Their Teachers?

Payments are sent out on a bi-weekly basis at GoGoKid.

Classes completed from the 1st through the 15th, BJT will be paid on or before the last day of the month.

Classes completed from the 16th to the last day of the month will be paid on or before the 15th of the following month. 

If the payment date is a Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday in the People’s Republic of China, a public holiday in the United States or in Canada, it will be postponed to the first following business day.

It will take 3-5 business days to receive it when you use a bank account to get paid. 

Something to note – if the total amount of earnings for one month is equal to or less than $50, the amount will be rolled over and added to your earnings for the following month.

How Many Hours Do You Have to Teach With GoGoKid?

There are no minimum amount of hours that teachers must teach per week.

Subsequently, there are no maximum amount of hours a teacher can teach.

However, that’ll just depend on how many classes get booked.

What Time Do Teachers Teach With GoGoKid?

Classes are taught between the hours of 9am-10pm Beijing Time (BJT). Peak hours are:

  • 7-9pm (BJT) Monday-Friday
  • 10am-12pm (BJT) Saturday & Sunday
  • 2-4pm (BJT) Saturday & Sunday

Please note that the above GoGoKid teaching hours are based on China time.

This means that teachers living in the United States and Canada will be teaching mostly at night and/or early in the morning.

Full-time teachers are considered to be on a night-shift schedule.


  1. Quick application and interview process that allows new hires to get started teaching within just a few days
  2. 1-on-1 classroom structure
  3. Full English immersion ESL methodology so teachers don’t need to know Chinese (only English is spoken in class)
  4. There is minimal teacher preparation needed thanks to the awesome curriculum/lesson planning
  5. One of the easier-to-understand pay structures and typically higher classroom/hourly pay
  6. No minimum amount of hours that a teacher must teach
  7. No maximum amount of hours that a teacher can teach
  8. Minimal parent interaction as it is mostly handled by the GoGoKid staff
  9. Ability to work from home with a flexible schedule
  10. Teachers have the legal ability to write-off several items since they are considered an independent contractor (i.e. – computer/laptop, Internet, classroom props, home-office space, etc…)


  1. Teachers are not guaranteed to have their slots filled
  2. With a back-to-back classes, teachers only have a 5-minute break to use the bathroom or leave feedback
  3. Taxes aren’t taken out for teachers and they are responsible for their own health insurance even if teaching full-time
  4. Individuals living in the states of Washington, California, and New York cannot be hired due to those state’s legislative changes (even if they are more than qualified)
  5. Teaching late at night and/or early in the morning

Is Teaching For GoGoKid Worth It?

No, not if you think you’ll get hired and immediately be guaranteed a full-time income.

Yes, if you understand that it may take time and patience to have your slots fully booked no matter how many (or little) you have open.

GoGoKid Review (2021):

There are both positive and negative reviews for GoGoKid all over the Internet.

I’ve taught over 10,000+ online English classes and I do suggest that you apply to teach with GoGoKid if you meet their hiring requirements.

Even if you are working for another online ESL platform.

Despite what some websites/reviews may say, there are plenty of students to teach on the GoGoKid platform.

You just have to make your teacher profile stand out and when you do get booked, teach with as much enthusiasm as you can.

Applicants need to go into this field with an understanding that they have to somewhat “earn” the classroom time.

It’s technically not GoGoKid that controls you getting booked.

Yes, there is an algorithm behind their system that I do believe is good for new hires when they open as many slots as possible, but bookings really are dictated by the parents who will see and read your teacher profile.

They’ll also be able to see parent feedback from previous classes.

  • GoGoKid does a good job at removing negative parent feedback over occurrences that you may not be able to control (i.e. power outage or your Internet going out in the middle of class or if a student is completely unruly in class)

If the parents like you, or think that their child will, then they will book you.

Parents that do, will continue to book you.

The ones that don’t, won’t.

Simple as that.

From One Teacher To Another, Do I Recommend GoGoKid?

Absolutely. Again, if you go into it with the proper mindset that you are an independent contractor and are not guaranteed full-bookings.

If you’re looking to start teaching English online for the first time, GoGoKid is one of the best platforms to do so.

The curriculum is great and you virtually need zero prep time once you familiarize yourself with the materials.

You don’t need to know a word of Chinese.

You can work as little or as much as you want (pending on classes getting booked, of course).

If you’re currently teaching English online on the other popular platform, GoGoKid can be a great way to supplement your income between the slots that aren’t getting booked there (transition between the two is easy).

Besides, compared to the more complicated pay structure that VIPKid uses, you’ll find that GoGoKid is much simpler and likely more lucrative for both new and current online ESL teachers.

This brings me to the next point – teachers leaving VIPKid to go to GoGoKid.

Why Are Teachers Going From VIPKid to GoGoKid?

Most teachers are leaving VIPKid because their slots aren’t getting booked.

Others may be leaving because the VIPKid pay structure has changed and has caused a drop in their income.

Full-time teachers, including myself, have gone from booked 45+ hours of classes… down to 30-40 hours.

Not really by choice, but because there are either an increasing amount of teachers or a reduction of students (or the combination of both).

GoGoKid (according to Reddit) was on a marketing spree in China this past year.

This could mean that there have been more students signing up with GoGoKid than there were with VIPKid.

Either way, I personally recommend that teachers at least apply to both and open up slots on both (not at the same time slots, of course).

This way, teachers can see which one starts getting booked more.

Besides, if you are qualified for GoGoKid… then you would be qualified for VIPKid as well (link opens in new tab and is an invite to apply for VIPKid).

Ready to Teach For GoGoKid?

If you meet the GoGoKid teacher requirements and are ready to apply, use my referral link so that I can personally assist you in the hiring process by answering any questions you may still have.

I’ll also help give you more guidance and tips for when you get hired and how you can supplement your income/time better as an online ESL teacher.

All you have to do to apply for GoGoKid with me as your mentor – start the application process now by simply signing up through this referral link (opens in new tab).

Once you have started the application via my referral link, direct message me on either Instagram or Facebook @teacherchelsey

No automated, outdated “helpful” emails.

Just me, one-on-one with you to help get you hired.

Once hired, I won’t just forget about you.

I’ll help you set up your teacher bio and profile so that you have the best chance of getting booked as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to apply (it only takes a few minutes to get started) apply now with me as your mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding GoGoKid

Is GoGoKid Still Hiring?

As of late 2021, GoGoKid is no longer in business. This is technically no fault of their own, but due to major changes made in China regarding foreign tutoring companies.

Unfortunately, they were unable to expand into other parts of the world and were unable to remain operational.

How Does GoGoKid Pay?

GoGoKid prefers to pay their teachers via PayPal.

That being said, you can link your banking information straight to your GoGoKid account.

However, payments sent via direct bank transfer may take a few extra business days to arrive into your account.

How Long Before You Hear Back From GoGoKid After Interview?

You should know your interview results within 24-72 hours pending the business day that your interview was on.

Since GoGoKid is based in China, they are 12 hours ahead.

GoGoKid Was Started In What Year?

GoGoKid was established in 2018.

Although it is relatively new, it is already one of the top online ESL companies to work for.

How Quickly Do Teachers Get Booked At GoGoKid?

Some teachers may have their slots booked quicker than others.

There is not a right answer for this question.

One teacher may get fully booked within their first month, while others may take a lot longer to get half their bookings slots filled.

That being said, I recommend that new hires open AS MANY SLOTS AS POSSIBLE during the peak hours.

I do believe, and it makes sens to me, that GoGoKid may have an algorithm that may boost the “exposure” of new hires during a certain time.

Why would I think that?

Because, to me, it would make sense that they would want the new teachers to succeed so that they stay committed to GoGoKid.

This means more students with good teachers and in return… more money for the company.

How Many Classes Can You Get In A Week With GoGoKid?

This varies greatly from teacher to teacher.

Some teachers may easily book over 40-50+ hours of classes (especially during the summer months when students are out of school).

However, others may be unable to get 5-10 hours of booked classes.

That being said… the more slots you open up, the greater the chances of getting booked.

How many Hours Per Week Does GoGoKid Allow?

As many as you would like to work.

They do not limit how many hours per week you can, or can’t, work.

How Much Do I Make With GoGoKid?

I personally earn $9.00 per 25-minute class, plus incentive pay.

This would equate to $20-22 per hour.

How To Schedule For Both VIPKid and GoGoKid?

You should open slots for one or the other in increments of at least an hour.

You will have a tough time keeping up with feedback if you go back and forth or half-hour increments.

Personally, I would aim for half of my available teaching time to be on GoGoKid and the other half equally spent on VIPKid.

If you start seeing more bookings on one over the other, start transitioning more time slots over to that platform.

However, I wouldn’t abandon either platform altogether (just in case your bookings start dropping on one, you’ll still be somewhat active on the other).

Just to note, aside from keeping your feedback for students in order, the transition between each is relatively easy.

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