Can You Teach VIPKid on an iPad?

Yes, you can teach VIPKid on an iPad. You don’t need to have the latest iPad, as long as the operating system is updated to the latest versions.

Is There a VIPKid App for the iPad?

There are two VIPKid apps in the Apple app store.

The app that you will use to teach on is called “VIPKid Teach for iPad”.

This app can only be used on the iPad and you can only teach on it, nothing more. You also cannot download/use it on the iPhone.

The second app that you can download onto your iPad is the “VIPKid Teach” app.

This particular iPad app is used to see/set your schedule (as well as do other things, minus teaching). You can also download this one onto your iPhone too.

Navigating the VIPKid Teach for iPad App

The VIPKid Teach for iPad app home screen will look like this as you are opening it.

VIPKid Teach for iPad

Then you will see your upcoming classes once the app has fully loaded.

The VIPKid classroom will look like this on the iPad where you can see the arrows drawn to show you the locations of the student, teacher, teaching tips, camera button and microphone mute.

You can find the classes lesson/PPT information here.

VIPKid classroom objectives tab is in the bottom right corner as seen below.

You can refresh the classroom and/or switch lines when necessary via these two buttons.

The chat box is visible at the bottom of the screen. Just tap it to display the iPad keyboard.

Contact the VIPKid fireman by tapping the “alarm” looking icon in the top right corner as seen below.

Do You Need Cellular Data to Teach VIPKid on the iPad?

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you would not have to have cellular data to teach with the VIPKid app on the iPad. Just remember that the amount of data used can really add up depending on how many classes you teach.

Do You Need WiFi to Teach VIPKid on the iPad?

If you have reliable cellular data, you won’t need to have WiFi or an internet connection. However, it is always recommended if you are planning to consistently teach on the iPad. The amount of data used when off WiFi adds up and a fast internet connection will likely be better than your cellular carrier.

Can You Use an Ethernet Cable to Teach VIPKid on the iPad?

Yes, but you must have a separate adapter that will allow you to plug the ethernet cable into that will also allow you to keep the charge up on your iPhone.

Here is one on Amazon that is MFi-certified, which guarantees safe and reliable operation with Lightning iOS devices (the ones with flat-shaped charging ports).

Do You Have to Use an Ethernet Cable While Teaching on the VIPKid iPad App?

No, as long as your WiFi or cellular data is fast and reliable. Teacher Chelsey, however, always uses an Ethernet cable because it will always be the fastest route for data to flow. If it fails for some reason, the you can unplug and easily connect to WiFi or your cellular data as a backup.

Why Teach VIPKid on the iPad?

Teaching on the iPad offers portability. Some teachers like to say that it allows you to travel lighter and earn an income while on vacation or wherever.

However, Teacher Chelsey recommends that it be used as an emergency backup only, due to some of the limited classroom features/abilities of the iPad app.

When teaching full-time, Teacher Chelsey has had times where her computer just randomly started updating right before a class, the charger for her computer failed at the beginning of a 10 hour night, and a time where she needed a new computer altogether at the last minute.

With the iPad as an emergency backup, she was able to avoid TNS, last-minute cancellations and the loss of income.

Can I Use the VIPKid “Beauty” Filter on the iPad?

No, you cannot use the ‘beauty’ filter on the iPad, which is unfortunate if you like/utilize that feature on the computer.

Do I Need a iPad Keyboard to Teach on the VIPKid iPad app?

No, you don’t have to have a keyboard, but just note that you can’t type very fast without a keyboard, or at least an iPad Pencil.

Teacher Chelsey uses an iPad Pencil like this one that you can check the latest price here.

However, if you’re going to teach VIPKid on your iPad on a consistent basis, it may be a good idea for you to get an iPad keyboard because typing within the classroom can be slow and distracting to both you and the student.

Teacher Chelsey has a SmartCase (with wireless keyboard) that she uses when teaching VIPKid on her iPad.

You can find the latest price of it here on Amazon.

Do I Need a Headset to Teach VIPKid on the iPad app?

It’s recommended to use a headset while teaching on any device due to background noises, but the type of headset you have for your computer may not work for your iPad due to the port differences. Check your headset plugin and see if it is compatible with your iPad. If it doesn’t match, then you will need a headset that you designate for teaching on the “VIPKid Teach for iPad” app.

Can I Use Feedback Panda on the VIPKid iPad app?

Since Feedback Panda is a Google Chrome extension, you can’t use it on the iPad. Nor can you use it on the iPad’s Chrome browser app, for some reason.

Can I Submit Student Feedback on the “VIPKid Teach for iPad” App?

No, you will have to submit feedback through the Chrome browser on your iPad, through the VIPKid Teach app for iPhone, or through your computer. Please note that some teachers can’t do their student feedback even through the Chrome browser on the iPad.

Should You Teach on the VIPKid iPad App?

After teaching well over 10,000 classes, experience has taught Teacher Chelsey that the iPad should only be used as an emergency backup. You absolutely do not need one, but having an iPad as a backup can literally be the difference between earning your 5-apple reviews… or losing income for the whole night.

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